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Serosahinne / Jul 22, 2011
and yeah man , we are planing to start
As we said on we are kinda an old local persian guild that doing 10 man raids , (we all had some HC progression on the old content but not in a same guild) . so we planned to gather up somewhere and set up a a true raiding group to get ranks in our realm , we just started a week ago and with 2 and a half day of raiding we just cleared three bosses in firelands , well we're not counting it as a good progression but it wasn't bad tho . and FIRST WEEK IS THE FIRST WEEK .
anyways we are running to firelands this week to see what will happen but proly we gonna clear till ragnaros if we get enough time.
we got some Open spots in our recruitment section , so feel free to apply , please ask ur ingame questions From Zusi , Kittana or juvion . feel free to speak persian with them tho
Keep in call please we gonna update this page soon with our kills and screen shots !